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Ottawa Movies

Nine Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed in Ottawa

Canada's capital city is often overlooked as a movie filming location. However, its distinct and picturesque settings have quietly played a part in some of Hollywood's most memorable productions. Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore nine films you didn't know were shot in

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Ottawa Events

Record-Breaking Bluesfest 2023: Just Another Reason Why Major Artists Should Make Ottawa a Tour Stop

Ottawa Bluesfest has made a name for itself in the festival circuit over the years, and this year's record-setting performances have only cemented its reputation as a hub for music fans and artists alike. Big names like Pitbull, Foo Fighters, and Shania Twain graced the stages, putting on performances that will go down in Bluesfest

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Ottawa News

Barrhaven Tornado Aftermath

Post-tornado cleanup efforts are in full swing in Barrhaven. Investigators are currently analyzing the impact and intensity of the tornado that touched down during last Thursday's severe thunderstorm, causing substantial damage to about 125 homes. Residents are coming to terms with the devastation as they clear the aftermath of the storm,...

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